Jivan van der Ende (1993, NL)

In my practice, mostly consisting of performances and installations, I analyse and dissect the symbols of power structures and social constructions. How are (and were) combinations of colour, material and texture associated with these symbols? By questioning their power status, I am decontextualizing their imposed meanings and leaving space to imagine.
My eclectic method is based on endlessly collecting, documenting, combining, re-using and (re)searching. Therefore, my work entails a practice rather than a production of things. The work is not a static artifact but is formed by different conditions: performers, visitors, architectural conditions (and/or costumes) coming together at a specific moment in time.
I aim for an intimate encounter between work and visitor, in which their own intention often influences the meaning of the work. The exhibition space thus becomes a playful platform where it’s possible to both label the experiment as ‘a work’ (and accept the inherent risks) as well as understanding the expectations of a physical and participative audience.