Jivan van der Ende (1993, NL) 

My artistic practice consists of installations, performances and publications. I my practice I question the status given to objects, whether artifacts or utensils.
My researching method is based on the act of endless combining, documenting, collecting and (re)searching.
A recurring subject is how combinations of colour and material are associated with political power structures and social roles. I use this historical and cultural research to question their power and decontextualize their meanings. One of my visual references are archetypes in costume, i.e. the characters of the police- and garbagemen materialized in my performances, collages and publications.
The studio is where I process my research on a personal level an link it to my personal history; for example the power of textiles to form identities and have a transformable potential.
My work takes a physical and participative viewer into consideration. I aim for an intimate encounter with an audience, where the meaning of the work is often influenced by their own intentions. In this way the exhibition space becomes a playful platform to study with spatial architecture and the expectations of the exhibition visitors.
I constantly rework these themes in my studio, as a constant exercise of experiments in process. For this reason I view my work more as a practice than a production of things.