De Casting, 2018
This participatory installation consists of an A4 paper with instructions and props installed in the space. The visitor is invited for a casting and gets the chance to apply for a part in the artist’s work. Instead of a nervous situation where jury judges the applicants, the exhibition space is changed into a playground where visitors study and discover the relationship between the architecture and their bodies dressed in specific costumes and props.
The visitor can choose between nine different scenes and is in charge of their duration.
The instructional work runs on the curiosity of the visitors, therefore risks remaining unshown. They decide whether only the installation of props is on view or develops into a chaotic landscape with an absurd, unclear narrative.

paper, b/w laser print, English and Dutch version, A4

Registrations of De Casting performed on 07.11.2018 at De Glazen Gang, KASK Gent.