Oefeningen in de scenografie (Playground M Leuven), 2023

Performance, 20 min
Playground Festival, M Leuven,
Lichtekooi Artspace Antwerpen

During the performance ‘Oefeningen in de scenogra e’ I asked bodybuilding champion Jurgen van Wesemael if it is possible to do a bodybuilding work out in a museum. During Playground Festival Jurgen and me talked about the act of sculpting the body and how to create resistence using the tools of the institution.
For this discussion and demonstration we borrowed the museums technical equipment such as a level, barrier posts, a suitcase of a Flex drywall sander, a re extinguisher and some stools. In the installation I integrated print works I made at Frans Masereel Centrum of the museums equipment to further question the status of the object, artwork or reproduction and question what actually is the art work during the performance: the actions of the bodybuilder that is sculpting his body, the directive questions of the artist or the objects made by the artist?


Thank you 
Lichtekooi Artspace
Nadia Bijl, Pepa De Maesschalck, Vedran Kopljar
Kris Cuylits for the Lichtekooi scenography
Production support Werner Musenbrock, Wannes Goetschalckx, Gert Aertsen
Ken Verhoeven for his sewing machine
Support Tim Verherstraeten

Financial supported by Lichtekooi, Nederlandse Ambassade in België en HISK

Exhibited at the groupshow

De overwinning van de mens op de dingen. Over sport

With works by Aline Bouvy, Denicolai & Provoost, Harun Farocki, Meschac Gaba, Ingeborg Lüscher, Sandrine Morgante, Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, Shervin/e Sheikh Rezaei, Amber Vanluffelen, Jivan van der Ende, Benjamin Verhoeven, Gert Verhoeven and Ken Verhoeven

13.05.2023 – 24.06.2023