The Archive Series, 2020-

I create new images while experimenting by combining them with each other, layer upon layer. In this way I kept looking critically at the implications of depicted meaning and experimented with subjects such as social constructions, representation, political power relations, gender politics, archetyping, clothing, costumes, nudity and identity.

Combining layers from new and old work on paper yielded a formulation of a new work: The Archive Series. In this series, of already about 100 works, I intuitively rework images from my practice, revealing the organic development of themes in my practice. The series now consists of print works in which layers date from 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 and will expand in the future.


The Archive Series has been produced in various print techniques such as RISO print, silkscreen print, lasercut, inktjet, foil press, laser print. The prints are produced in several workplaces: Camping Penrose, LUCA, Boothuis Brauhaus, Fotorama, Gent. Frans Masereel Centrum, Studio.Kabinet, Antwerpen.

The Archive Series has been exhibited in ‘Worldlines’, an exhibition with HISK artists curated by Sebastien Pluot during Art Brussels 2023.